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Find the "odd man out." There may be more than one answer.


  A B C
1 control manipulate stimulate
2 life-span longevity life-time
3 prevent hasten inhibit
4 consequence effect impact
5 sufficient efficient enough
6 sluggish tired lethargic


Read Article: Study Suggests New Health Benefits of Red Wine



Joe: Hey! Didja hear? There's a new study that says you can drink red wine to counteract the effects of a high-fat diet. Double-bacon cheeseburger here I come!

I don't think that's such a good idea. A high-fat diet is unhealthy, no matter how much red wine you drink.

Joe: I don't drink red wine. I drink beer.
Barb: Well, that's not going to benefit your health: Especially if you keep eating so unhealthy.
Joe: But doctors are saying that alcohol every day is good for you.
Barb: That's pretty convoluted. You know that doctors don't think people should consume alcohol every day.
Joe: But..
Barb: Yes, there've been a lot of studies showing some health benefits for red wine, but no one tells you to drink beer every day. I think they're recommending a single glass of red wine, two or three times a week.
Joe: Well, this latest study says something about fat mice being as healthy as thin mice, if they drink a lot of red wine.
Barb: Mice don't drink wine.
Joe: Well, the scientists gave them wine molecules on their food and they got healthy, even though they ate a lot of fat.
Barb: Yes, but those researchers didn't tell you to start drinking a lot of wine. They hope to synthesize the properties in wine, so they can make a pill.
Joe: That's all we need. More pills to pop. I tell you, it'll drive you to drink. But from now on, it'll be red wine!
Barb: To your health!


1 Do you drink alcohol? Do you like red wine?
2 What do you think are the effects of drinking red wine? Do you believe the reports about its health benefits?
3 What are some problems that could be associated with the research findings concerning the benefits of red wine?
4 Would you like to take a pill that is derived from red wine and grapes?
5 What do you think about anti-aging efforts of the medical community?
6 What do you think about research for obesity treatments that don't involve weight-loss?