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Find the "odd man out." There may be more than one answer.


  A B C
1 depleted dwindling extinct
2 dwindle decline decrease
3 planet-wide global universal
4 consequences result outcome
5 protecting safe-guarding preserving
6 restore preserve sustain


Read Article: Scientists Warn of Depletion of Ocean Fish in 40 Years



Matt: Maybe we should cut down on seafood. Afterall, there might not be any left for our grandchildren in the future.
Bob: Whaddya mean? I love seafood. I'm not gonna quit eating it.
Matt: They say we'll run out of ocean fish within 40 years if we keep going like we're going. We're gonna eat up all the fish in the sea. If that happens, it's not hard to see that the fresh-water fish in the rivers will be affected too. That can't be good.
Bob: That sounds pretty far-fetched to me.
Matt: No really. I heard it on the radio. Scientists have been studying this thing for a long time. They all seem to agree that it's something to worry about.
Bob: Not me.
Matt: Oh, that's right. The scientist might all agree, but if you don't, then it can't be true. Right?
Bob: That's about the size of it.
Matt: No, really. Maybe we should just cut down on the amount of seafood we eat. It used to be a rarity anyway, and then it was always extra special. We appreciated it more when we didn't get to eat it as much (by vasilis at testsforge). Anyway, doctors tell us that its full of bad cholesterol; another reason to cut down.
Bob: Oh, I don't eat seafood more than once a week anyway. But I'm not going to worry about what I buy and eat, when the stores are jammed with it. If we shouldn't consume so much seafood, then they shouldn't put so much of it onsale. If they are going to fish for it and bring it to market, then we should buy it and eat it, so it doesn't go to waste.
Matt: Well, if we lowered our demand for it, then the stores wouldn't stock so much of it, right?
Bob: Well, I don't demand it. I just buy it when I see it -- if it looks good and doesn't smell funky. I love shrimp and lobster, and Cajun dishes, like blackened redfish or shrimp jambalaya.
Matt: Hey, this conversation is making me hungry. I think there's a lot of already harvested seafood at Red Lobster that might be going to waste.
Bob: I'm there. Let's go!


1 Do you like seafood? How often do you eat it?
2 Do you eat seafood in restaurants or buy it at the grocery store?
3 Does this article make you want to cut down on the amount of seafood you consume?
4 Do you believe the warnings given by the scientists quoted in the article?
5 Do you think that people will find a way to reverse the alarming trends they cite?
6 How do you think that depletion of the earth's ocean fish supply could affect society?


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