1) Why does a woodpecker do what he does?

a) to have fun
b) to cause trouble
c) to create storage
d) to make noise

2) Which of these verbs does a woodpecker do?

a) Pecking 1
b) Hoarding 6
c) Gathering 2
d) Collecting 3
e) Filling 5
f) Flying 4

3) In what order would a woodpecker perform the verbs above?

4) How many miles does a woodpecker travel in a day?

a) 1 mile every day
b) 12 miles every day
c) 100 miles every day

5) How many acorns can a woodpecker carry?

a) 1 acorn per trip
b) 12 acorns per trip
c) 100 acorns per trip

6) How many acorns does a woodpecker collect?

a) 1 acorn per day
b) 12 acorns per day
c) 100 acorns per day