Teaching Portfolio

Table of contents


Research Samples

  1. Animated Grammar: Dual Coding German Syntax
      1. Abstract
      2. Full Text
      3. Sample
  2. Cognate Recognition Study
      1. Paper
      2. Poster
      3. Phoneme Relationship Key
      4. Mini-study
      5. List of Partial Cognates
  3. Assessment of Teaching Practices
  4. Familiarity and Listening Comprehension Study
  5. Courseware Development Needs Analysis
English Language Pedagogy


  1. Language Lab Course Design
  2. Portfolio Assessment
  3. Writing 3
Sample Course Homepages
Original Teaching Materials

ESL Powerpoints (beginning speaking practice)

ESL Short Stories

ESL Worksheets

ESL Image Handouts

Instructional Technology

February 2009, L. Caplan-Carbin, Ph.D.