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 English Reading Practice

Text Toys: How things work

Build sentences from broken phrases

  1. How do anti-lock brake systems work?
  2. Can hot air suspend a car?
  3. How much helium will lift me?
  4. Will a hat keep me warm?

Descriptive passages

Build sentences from broken phrases

  1. Descriptive passages 1
  2. Descriptive passages 2
  3. Descriptive passages 3
  4. Descriptive passages 4

Common American Expressions

Listen to the expression as guess their meanings

  1. AmeriPhrases 1 (After you)
  2. AmeriPhrases 2 (Age before beauty)
  3. AmeriPhrases 3 (Close enough for government work)
  4. AmeriPhrases 4 (Catch you later)

Dancing Elephant

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