Dictation transcript


To Whom It May Concern:


Iím not about to go into every part of this thing right now, but suffice it to say, Iím not happy. Iím writing to you to complain about the seriously shoddy service I received at your establishment. Itís not even funny, how I was treated by your employees.

It wasnít even crowded. Nevertheless, your staff lolly-gagged around as if there were no customers there whatsoever. They were deeply involved in their own world which did not seem to include working that day. They made no eye contact with me and they didnít seem to hear any of the questions put to them. The only time one of them ever looked at me was after I hesitated to fork over the amount they flatly proclaimed I owed. Of course, they never heard any of my protests that many of the items were ringing up higher than the advertised sale price. It was only when I didnít produce the expected cash that I received any kind of eye contact or response to my objections. This response turned out to be the calling over of the manager, which was done in a most humiliating fashion. The manager, who acted peeved to be bothered, immediately threw me a look of suspicion as if I was somehow the guilty party.


When the manager handled my purchases, they also rang up at higher prices than advertised. I again mentioned this discrepancy and was asked to produce said advertising.

Upon doing so, the manager reluctantly reduced the cost of my purchases by the advertised discount. However, it was all done with disdain. I didnít think that your company would tolerate, much less condone, such contempt of your customers.






a dissatisfied, (past) patron