Common American Expressions

The following exercises illustrate the meanings of these common expressions that Americans use everyday.
Click on each phrase to hear it spoken. Click on the links at left to begin the exercises. 
AmeriPhrases 1 After you!  Allow me!   Beats me!   Believe you me!   Better left unsaid!   Bite your tongue!   Bottoms up!
AmeriPhrases 2 Age before beauty!   Beg pardon!  Believe it or not!   Better late than never!   Break a leg!   Bully for you!   Butt out!
AmeriPhrases 3 Close enough for government work!  Come off it!  Could have fooled me!  Doesn't hurt to ask!  Don't I know it!  Don't sweat it!  Don't waste your breath!
AmeriPhrases 4 Catch you later!  Come again!  Cut to the chaseDig in!  Do you mind!  Dream on!
AmeriPhrases 5 Easy does it!   Fat chance!   Fill in the blanks!   For sure!   For your information,...   Fret not!   From the old school.
AmeriPhrases 6:   Enough is enough!   Excuse me?   Fair to middling.   For what it's worth,   Forget about it!   'Fraid not.   'Fraid so.
AmeriPhrases 7:   Get back to me!   Get lost!   Glad to hear it.   Glad to meet you.   God forbid!   God only knows.   Good for you.
AmeriPhrases 8:   Gangway!   Give it a rest!   Give me a break!   Glad to.   Go ahead!   Go for it!   Go the extra mile!   Good riddance!
AmeriPhrases 9:   Have a heart!   Have I made myself clear?   Have it your way!   How come?   I just can't get over it!   I wouldn't count on it.   If you know what's good for you,   If you must,
AmeriPhrases 10 Hang in there!   Hang on!   Have at it!   Hold on!   Hold your horses!   I guess so.   I'll bet.   Just like that.
AmeriPhrases 11 Let's call it a day!  Likewise!  Look alive!   Look who's here!   Look who's talking!   Lot's of luck!   Make up your mind!
AmeriPhrases 12 Leave it to me!   Let's have it!   Mind your own business!   More power to you!   Mum's the word!   My lips are sealed.   My pleasure.
AmeriPhrases 13 Name your poison!   Need I say more?   Never been better!    Never would have guessed!    Nice talking to you!   No big deal!   No can do!  
AmeriPhrases 14 No harm done!   No kidding!   No problem.   No skin off my teeth!   No way, José!   None for me, thanks!   Now you're cooking!
AmeriPhrases 15 Oh, well!   Oh, yeah?   Okay by me!   On the contrary!   Once and for all!   One way or another!    Or else!(by nikolopoulos)!   
AmeriPhrases 16 Out of the question!   Over my dead body!   Pardon my French!   Pull up a chair!    Put 'er there!    Put two and two together!    Quite frankly,
AmeriPhrases 17 Roger!  Royal treatment    Same to you!   Save it!    Say cheese!   Say no more!    Say when!   Search me!   
AmeriPhrases 18 Seen better!   Skip it!    Snap to it!    So what else is new?   Sound like a broken record    Soup's on!   Suit yourself!    Sure thing!
AmeriPhrases 19 Tah-dah!    Take care!   Take it or leave it!   Thanks for the lift!   That does it!    That'll be the day!    That's easy for you to say!   There you go!   
AmeriPhrases 20 Think nothing of it! Way to go!   We need to talk!  Well done!   Whatever!   Where's the fire?   Who cares?   Why not?   You bet!
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