English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Activities for ESL students

    activities for ESL




    Listen to the phrases and guess the meanings in online quizzes of over 150 expressions that Americans use regularly.


  • Brain Pops

    Thumbnail of Brainpop ESLBrain Pops

    A sample of  free lessons from a 3 level, online course of fun, interactive  beginning English covering the four skills (reading, speaking, listening, and writing). Aimed at kids but also great for learners of any age.

  • Parapal Online


    Free Online English Lessons to improve your listening, writing, reading, vocabulary and grammar skills.

  • Bradley's English School

    Bradley's English School


    Bradley's English School

    Free games, puzzles, and worksheets.

  • Common American Expressions

    Common American ExpressionsCommon American Expressions

    Listen to over 150 phrases that Americans use regularly in everyday situations. Learn the meanings and practice through online quizzes and audio.


  • Connect Arcade

    Connect Arcadecambridge.org/connectarcade

    Fun activities to support four levels of the children's ESL textbook "Connect."

  • Daily Slang

    Daily slangDaily Slang

    Listen to today's slang term in podcasts and practice with the listen and repeat machine.

  • English Daily

    English DailyEnglish Daily

    Listen to over 150 phrases that Americans use regularly in everyday situations. Learn the meanings and practice through online quizzes and audio.

  • English Gateway

    English GatewayEnglish Gateway

    Vocabulary exercises and free samples from this complete resource for intermediate and advanced ESL learners.

  • English Exercises

    English ExercisesEnglish Exercises

    Hundreds of exercises to learn English online: vocabulary, grammar, listening, songs, etc. made by English Language teachers from all over the world.



  • Interactive Exercises

    Interactive ExercisesInteractive Exercises

    Francisco Cerquella's site for Flash English exercises designed for speakers of Spanish.

  • Headway Online

    Headway OnlineHeadway Online

    Exercises, puzzles, and games to support each textbook of the ESL series from the Oxford University Press. Also includes "word of the week," "phrasebuilder," and "testbuilder."

  • Language Guide English

    Language Guide EngliishLanguage Guide

    Clickable illustrated maps of vocabulary grouped by topic.

  • Learn English Conversation

    Learn English ConversationLearn English Conversation

    Extensive free resources for all aspects of English language learning.

  • Learn English Feel Good

    Learn English Feel GoodLearn English Feel Good

    ESL resources including listening comprehesion exercises based on American movie and TV show clips.

  • My English Conversation Page

    My English Conversation PageConversation page

    My collection of links for high-intermediate English conversation practice for tutors and students.

  • My English Writing Page

    My English Writing PageMy English Conversation


    Curriculum collection for intermediate-high ESL and writing learners.

  • Mobile Games for ESL

    Mobile ESL Games


    ESL Mobile Games

    Vocabulary games for playing on tablets and smartphones.


  • Open English World

    Open English World


    Open English

    Weekly idioms and business jargon are offered in these free intermediate lessons. Lessons are short and the text is tiny, but the audio samples are really helpful.

  • Speak English

    Speak English


    Speak English.bz

    Free materials for basic English including subtitled music videos and grammar quizzes.

  • Study Zone

    Study Zone


    Study Zone

    Created by ELC teachers at the University of Victoria, these five levels of English language lessons and practice exercises were designed for adult English language learners,

  • Voice of America: Learning English

    Voice of America


    Voice of America: Learning English

    Two complete levels of real audio news with transcripts, vocabulary quizzes, and practice exercises. Check out the great English audio and video links at the bottom of the page.


  • Woodlands Resources

    Woodlands Resources


    Woodlands Resources

    A wonderful directory of interactive games for English literacy including reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing activities, mostly at the beginner's level.

  • English Pod

    Open English World


    Pod English

    Bite-sized 5 minute English video lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.