Common American Expressions 13

Make your best guess.

Select the correct expression from the drop down box next to each sentence below. Press the "Check Answers" button to determine whether you have chosen correctly.
   name your poison      never been better      never would have guessed      nice talking to you      no kidding      no problem      now you're cooking (with gas)   
1. When you’re in a great mood you can answer the usual question “How are you?” with this enthusiastic answer
2. A pleasant way to say good bye to someone, especially when you don’t know them well is
3. A very encouraging remark that tells someone they are doing or saying the right thing is to say
4. A common way to say “yes” to a request is the breezy statement
5. A question asking someone what they would like to drink is the command
6. A common response expressing mild surprise and pleasure toward someone’s news
7. A remark that expresses skeptical surprise about someone’s news
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