Common American Expressions 17

Make your best guess.

Select the correct expression from the drop down box next to each sentence below. Press the "Check Answers" button to determine whether you have chosen correctly.
   save it      say cheese      say no more      say when      skip it      suit yourself      sure thing   
1. To tell someone that you don’t care how they decide, tell them
2. An enthusiastic way to say “yes” to someone’s inquiry is to say that it is a
3. A way to say “yes” which shows that you understand clearly is the response roger
4. A way to say “yes” which shows that you are convinced without need for further argument is
5. When you offer someone an item, you can invite them to limit the amount according to their own preference by asking them to
6. Another way to say “never mind” or “forget about it,” especially when you don’t want to talk about something, is the demand
7. To stop someone from presenting an argument or an excuse which you don’t want to hear, tell them to
8. To make people smile, when you take their picture, tell them to
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