Common American Expressions 19

Make your best guess.

Select the correct expression from the drop down box next to each sentence below. Press the "Check Answers" button to determine whether you have chosen correctly.
   ta-dah      take care      thanks for the lift      that does it      that's easy for you to say      way to go      well done      where's the fire   
1. To exclaim that you’ve had enough of some great annoyance and are ready to take action, you may say
2. A common way to say goodbye to a friend either in a letter or in person is to tell them to
3. When someone is in such a rush that they bump into people when running, you might ask them ?
4. An expression of encouragement for someone’s accomplishment due to their own efforts is to tell them
5. An expression of congratulations for someone’s good luck is
6. When someone gives you a ride in their car, you should tell them
7. When you’ve succeeded at something and you’d like congratulations you can “toot your own horn” (brag about it) by proclaiming !
8. When someone gives you instructions for something that you think is really difficult you could tell them
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