Common American Expressions 5

Make your best guess.

Select the correct expression from the drop down box next to each sentence below. Press the "Check Answers" button to determine whether you have chosen correctly.
   easy does it      fat chance      fill in the blanks      for sure      for your information      fret not      from the old school   
1. A sharp counter to a statement you believe to be false might begin with this curtly spoken phrase,
2. Complete agreement, affirmation, and/or permission is expressed by this. If someone asked to speak with you and you’d like that a lot, you could say,
3. Expressing extreme doubt, this exclamation offers no encouragement at all for the hoped-for outcome:
4. If you can help someone and save them some distress, you can tell them to
5. If you tell someone the circumstances (e.g. a car was parked outside her house at midnight) and you ask them to draw their own conclusion, you tell them to
6. If you want someone to move carefully, like when they are handling delicate items, you could say to them,
7. People who are known for conservative thinking and traditional habits are politely said to be
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