Common American Expressions 6

Make your best guess.

Select the correct expression from the drop down box next to each sentence below. Press the "Check Answers" button to determine whether you have chosen correctly.
   enough is enough      excuse me      fair to middling      for what it's worth      forget about it      'fraid not      'fraid so   
1. To counter a very rude remark, especially controversial insults (i.e. racist, sexist, etc.) you can ask this with plenty of sarcasm
2. To dash someone’s unrealistic hopes, tell them to
3. To give additional value to your words, when you don’t expect them to be very helpful to the situation, you could preface them with
4. To give your judgment of something (a restaurant, a movie, etc.), when you are not really impressed, you might say it’s only
5. When you are tired of being annoyed by someone’s irritating behavior, you exclaim suddenly
6. When you hate to say no to someone, you can soften it a little by saying
7. When you hate to say yes to someone, you can soften it a little by saying
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